I’m a PINK Campus Rep!

Hiii! School is just around the corner, and I am officially entering my senior year of college – which is insane. This year will be a little different than the previous ones though, because of some exciting news that I have been waiting to share: I have been accepted into the VS PINK Campus Rep class of 2021! 

For those who are not familiar with the program: Victoria’s Secret PINK pics two representatives from each university to spread brand awareness – on social media and on campus. We create fashion content, hosts events, and spread the PINK spirit among the student population. Each semester we also interview, and carefully pick out girls to join our campus team. So keep your eyes open if you are interested in being apart of this amazing PINK community.

Excited is a huge understatement! When I applied to SJSU I researched on-campus opportunities that would give me leadership experience, and I found this program that incorporates everything I love: marketing, content creation, fashion and community. After being on the team for two semesters, I finally applied to be a rep (I was so nervous, you have no idea!!) I was so set on making this dream a reality, it truly feels amazing accomplishing something I have been wanting for so long.

If you want to know more about PINK at SJSU, send me a dm on Instagram here or follow PINK @ SJSU here! I am always happy to chat ✰ See you on campus!

how to enjoy college

I have 2 months left as a junior at San Jose State University, and during my time in college I have cracked a few codes on how to enjoy “the college experience” to the fullest. And guess what, it has nothing to do with going to frat parties, and a lot to do with actually taking care of yourself! Honestly, figuring out this era of your life is a demanding task. Especially if you are living by yourself for the first time, and just moved away from your home town (in my case, home country). Lucky for you, I believe that I have discovered some universal truths that will make your time in college way more enjoyable!

★ First of all, college is all about creating connections. Whether that is with people in your class, your professors, or new roommates, it doesn’t matter. Believe me, when I say: talk to everyone you encounter. Introduce yourself to those around you on the first day of classes. Say hello to your professor, and tell them something about you that will make them remember you. I have found that not only does this expand your network, but it is way more fun to wake up in the morning knowing you will be sitting next to someone you know in class!

Work hard, but don’t overwork. What I mean with this is that a lot of people enter college thinking that if they sign up for 25 units, two internships, join 6 clubs, and run for Student Government they will live the optimal college life. This is so far from the truth. A few semesters ago I believed that “the more I do, the better”, and I ended up going to bed every night with an extremely overstimulated brain. You don’t have to do it all to be successful in college. Find a few things to get involved in, and stick to those. Depth is always better than breadth, and you will also enjoy your time in college way more.

Make sure your dorm or apartment feels like home. I totally ignored this my 3 first semesters of college. I believed my college experience was about being on campus, and that’s it, but I forgot how important it is to have a space where you enjoy waking up and falling asleep. I can’t stress enough about the difference it makes to love your bedroom. How you feel when you’re not in the classroom, will affect your overall performance and happiness in your classes as well. A few thing that helped me was investing in a good mattress, a duvet, pillows, and decorations in my room. This makes me actually want to relax in my room, and go to bed early (sometimes), which improves overall mental health!

At the end of the day, college is all about learning and growing. These tips would have definitely spared me from some trials and errors, so I hope they will come in handy for you as well. Let me know if you want a part 2, or if you would like to chat about anything at all; please shoot me a message on Instagram. I’ll be happy to help!


I have decided to make 2019 the year of personal growth. I arrived in Santa Barbara 1.5 years ago, not knowing what the future held. Now I am in my fourth and last semester in this city, and I can’t tell you enough how much it has changed me.

b7fffba0def66573136339ba92c1eeea-e1548915024183.jpgLast year was a challenge in many ways. I was figuring out which path to take and what my opportunities were. When you live in a community with such diversity in goals and values, it is easy to lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish, which leads you to settle for less. I think a part of moving to another country is getting to know the local culture, and to be honest, for me it took a while. Finding your place and role can be hard when you are not even sure of what you are reaching for yourself. Luckily for me, I have found people along the way that have helped me establish a new mindset of growth and gratitude.

582825f4a02ffd25c76a44ea8fdd9b12.jpgThis year I will continue living a wholesome lifestyle, focusing on bettering myself and those around me. I hope to never lose sight of my goals, and consistently work towards what I want in the future. This year I will focus on my mental and physical health, to be the best version of myself that I can be. I will also try to serve the community as much as I can. If you ever feel like you need new insight, my best tip would be to do something outside of your usual daily routine. In todays society it’s too easy to feel like you are the center of the universe, but realizing that there is something bigger than yourself can be a breath of fresh air. Your personal problems seem insignificant, and you start valuing all the things you can bring to the table!

04194d90f5a681d99da546ac6ba4d569-e1548915296847.jpgFor instance, in 2018 I founded the Women’s Empowerment Club at SBCC, with a desire to make a difference on campus. I wanted to create a community for women who are striving to inspire and motivate others. A healthy environment is SO crucial for your mental health, and sometimes you have to get out there to find those who bring out the best in you. My goal is that we will serve the community together this year, while advocading for more openness around mental health! (If you are a Vaquero, and want to join us, click here)

☀ To a bright and positive 2019, no matter where you are in the world and who you aspire to be!

this semester

This semester has been the most hectic one, by far, ever since I moved here. I am finishing up my third semester at SBCC, which means it’s time to wrap up my college applications for Fall 2019. For you non-americans out there, this basically means that I am switching schools, from a 2-year community college, to a 4-year university. I am still deciding on where I want to transfer, but I have somewhat figured out where in California I want to live (A place much colder than Santa Barbara, wish me luck). In other words, my every day life has transformed tremendously since last semester. I am finishing up my required courses, working as an intern, and doing extra curricular, while at the same time trying to have a social life. In between my papers and essays I’ve been on several trips to San Francisco, attended a wedding in Lake Tahoe (which was sooo beautiful), and had my best friend from home visit me. Overall a hectic, but fun semester!

I have been wanting to write more about my school experiences here, after tons of dm’s and emails from you guys. I figured it would be nice to cover different aspects of being an international student in America, since it is such a desired career path. I will cover things like academics, social life, housing and finances. If there is anything you would like me to write about, shoot me a DM!