Los Angeles Favorites – Part I

In collaboration with STS Education – Study Abroad

I thought I would put some of my Los Angeles favorites in one place, so it’s easy to access if you need some tips on where to go! LA have so many places to discover that I could go on forever, so look out for a part II in the near future.

Favorite place to eat breakfast
Rise N Grind on Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue. The best avocado toasts and açaí bowls I have found in LA so far, and the coziest place to sit if you have to do some work. The whole feel of this place is super laidback and relaxing, and there’s a huge plus that they have outlets on every table! Makes it a perfect grinding spot, just as the name says. Check out their Instagram here.

Favorite place to hang out
Santa Monica Pier. Yes, it is super touristy, and may be a little crowded. But on a sunny day, you forget all about it because there’s so much to see and do. I recommend renting a bike in Venice for a couple of hours, and bike all the way to Santa Monica pier via the boardwalk (takes about 20 minutes). And do it around 5.30 if you want to get the best views. It’s truly magical. (Note, the rollercoaster is worth the wait)

Favorite place for coffee
Alfred Coffee Beverly Hills. If you’re all about the aesthetics, do yourself a favor and go to this heavenly coffee shop placed right by Rodeo Drive. I promise you that you will feel like your a part of 90210 for a second, and that’s not a bad thing. This place are filled with beautiful stores and things to look at. And their iced mocha is the best!

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