6 reasons why you should travel more

It took me 12 countries, a month in Southeast Asia and a move across the globe to realize how much of a value traveling is to me. I went from being terrified of planes, to enjoying it more than anything. Today, I am constantly on the look for new places to go, and can’t imagine staying in one place for too long. If you haven’t been bit of the travelbug yet, here is 6 reasons you should consider it:

Challenging yourself

If you live a life that bores you, that makes you feel stuck in a place you can’t imagine being in 10 years from now; go somewhere else! Traveling to a new place is the perfect opportunity to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone. It’s when you’re facing unexpected challenges you realize all the things you are capable of doing! Do more of what scare you, and see how your life changes in such a drastic way.

Creating new relationships

Whether you’re on your own or with a friend while on an adventure, you’ll always meet new people along the way that shapes you in one way or another. It is something special meeting new people from different places in the world, because there’s an endless list of things we can learn from each other. Bonding with the locals or meeting likeminded travelers will always be an important part of the experience. Reach out and talk to people! You will not only create extraordinary memories, but you will make friends from all over the world!

It gives you new perspective

One of things I value the most: it helps open your mind. You realize after experiencing another culture, that there isn’t a “right” way to live your life. You start expanding your horizon, and accept that not everybody looks at life the way you do, and that is totally fine. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, you start to embrace the differences in the world and you leave with a new and more accepting mindset.

A sense of accomplishment

If you’re in your bedroom right now with a dream to visit that one destination, but it seems so far away and unrealistic that you don’t dare to take the first step; turn that want into a can, and go for it. The feeling you will have after accomplishing the trip, after months (or even years) with saving and planning can’t be compared to anything else. Being able to say, “I did it”, when you thought you never would, is amazing.

The feeling of freedom

Nothing can compare to the feeling of entering a new place and being one hundred percent in charge of your time. It is easy to feel trapped if your life is based of routines (which most of our lives are), without the freedom to leave whenever you want. Breaking that chain, even if it’s only for a week, feels so rewarding, you’ll have motivation for months!

Appreciating your life

In our everyday-life it is easy to lose sight on what we have, because most of us only focus on what we want. After being away for awhile, you realize that what you have is actually pretty good, and instead of always wishing you had more, you appreciate the gifts you are given in life. The opportunity to travel, to mention one of them!

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