After graduating high school I decided I wanted to do something for myself. Something out of the box, that broke the constant conformity I’ve always been surrounded with. Deep down I knew I wanted to travel the world, but I didn’t know how. I had no money, and a personal crisis hit me just when I started to figure it out. What was originally going to be a backpacking trip around the world, ended up being a mix of everything around Thailand, for a month. And it was perfect!

Me and my boyfriend are both very spontaneous, so the main factor on the trip were not knowing where we were going to stay the next night. It all started out in Bangkok, where I got a media rate on Hotel Avani Atrium. It was the perfect place for sleeping off the jetlag and suntanning on the roof. We Tuk Tuk’ed around for hours and bought every weird food the city had to offer. Mango and sticky rice was the absolute favorite.
After a couple of days here, we caught a plane to Phuket!

In Phuket we arrived at the most beautiful apartment we could possible imagine, with a gym, infinity pool and crazy views. We ended up staying there for a whole week while scootering around to every beach we could find! The island was the perfect combination of small villages and hidden gems. My favorite part was driving down the west coast, finding a small getaway all to ourself. And of course the food; If you’re ever going to, you need to stop by Wilsons Cafe, their pancakes and smoothie bowls are heaven on earth.

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After touring around for a while, literally visiting every part of Phuket, it was time for the well known Phi Phi Islands and Krabi. We took a boat across the Andaman Sea and arrived Krabi with two heavily overweight backpacks. I realized it’s time to end the backpacking lifestyle (:P) and we bought suitcases as well as a night at the beautiful Centra By Centara. Krabi is a very small and touristy place, packed with europeans. The good thing about that is all the tours and activities they offer. We went snorkeling, visited elephants and just tailboating around to all the small islands around the area. Krabi is definitely the place to be if you’re traveling with kids, or want to stay in one place for a long time. No doubt; this is where the best beaches are. In Ao Nang they also had a local food market (I’m sure you’ll find those everywhere) with the most amazing thai-food. A big part of the experience for me was eating with the locals. It’s super cozy and everyone is so welcoming.

Ao Nang Hill ↑ 

Four weeks went by so fast, and it’s already 6 months since I got home. This trip really made me realize how big the world is, and how fast you can change your life if you want to! If you’re ever in doubt, just go for it ✈️

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