I’m a PINK Campus Rep!

Hiii! School is just around the corner, and I am officially entering my senior year of college – which is insane. This year will be a little different than the previous ones though, because of some exciting news that I have been waiting to share: I have been accepted into the VS PINK Campus Rep class of 2021! 

For those who are not familiar with the program: Victoria’s Secret PINK pics two representatives from each university to spread brand awareness – on social media and on campus. We create fashion content, hosts events, and spread the PINK spirit among the student population. Each semester we also interview, and carefully pick out girls to join our campus team. So keep your eyes open if you are interested in being apart of this amazing PINK community.

Excited is a huge understatement! When I applied to SJSU I researched on-campus opportunities that would give me leadership experience, and I found this program that incorporates everything I love: marketing, content creation, fashion and community. After being on the team for two semesters, I finally applied to be a rep (I was so nervous, you have no idea!!) I was so set on making this dream a reality, it truly feels amazing accomplishing something I have been wanting for so long.

If you want to know more about PINK at SJSU, send me a dm on Instagram here or follow PINK @ SJSU here! I am always happy to chat ✰ See you on campus!

how to enjoy college

I have 2 months left as a junior at San Jose State University, and during my time in college I have cracked a few codes on how to enjoy “the college experience” to the fullest. And guess what, it has nothing to do with going to frat parties, and a lot to do with actually taking care of yourself! Honestly, figuring out this era of your life is a demanding task. Especially if you are living by yourself for the first time, and just moved away from your home town (in my case, home country). Lucky for you, I believe that I have discovered some universal truths that will make your time in college way more enjoyable!

★ First of all, college is all about creating connections. Whether that is with people in your class, your professors, or new roommates, it doesn’t matter. Believe me, when I say: talk to everyone you encounter. Introduce yourself to those around you on the first day of classes. Say hello to your professor, and tell them something about you that will make them remember you. I have found that not only does this expand your network, but it is way more fun to wake up in the morning knowing you will be sitting next to someone you know in class!

Work hard, but don’t overwork. What I mean with this is that a lot of people enter college thinking that if they sign up for 25 units, two internships, join 6 clubs, and run for Student Government they will live the optimal college life. This is so far from the truth. A few semesters ago I believed that “the more I do, the better”, and I ended up going to bed every night with an extremely overstimulated brain. You don’t have to do it all to be successful in college. Find a few things to get involved in, and stick to those. Depth is always better than breadth, and you will also enjoy your time in college way more.

Make sure your dorm or apartment feels like home. I totally ignored this my 3 first semesters of college. I believed my college experience was about being on campus, and that’s it, but I forgot how important it is to have a space where you enjoy waking up and falling asleep. I can’t stress enough about the difference it makes to love your bedroom. How you feel when you’re not in the classroom, will affect your overall performance and happiness in your classes as well. A few thing that helped me was investing in a good mattress, a duvet, pillows, and decorations in my room. This makes me actually want to relax in my room, and go to bed early (sometimes), which improves overall mental health!

At the end of the day, college is all about learning and growing. These tips would have definitely spared me from some trials and errors, so I hope they will come in handy for you as well. Let me know if you want a part 2, or if you would like to chat about anything at all; please shoot me a message on Instagram. I’ll be happy to help!

new year, new me?

Long time, no see! I took a break from blogging this past year because I had a lot of figuring out to do. The short version is: I moved from Santa Barbara to San Jose, transferred to San Jose State University, and tried to figure out my new life. 2019 had it’s ups and downs. Moving to a big city was a huge change for me, and I am still adjusting. My new school is incredible though, and has given me so many great opportunities I can’t wait to explore further in the new year. I have gotten a marketing position on campus, I became a part of the PINK Campus Team, and I landed a spot on the podcast team for the Communication department, to mention something.

Since I left off with my hopes for 2019 in my last post, I thought it would be appropriate to share my resolutions for 2020 with you! I mentioned that I wanted to make 2019 the year of personal growth, and I think that is a goal that I will bring with me into 2020. I want to get more involved in my student community, and hopefully find like-minded individuals who share the same interests as me. I think finding your people is hard when moving to a new place. Adjusting to a new environment can be challenging, so I would say surrounding yourself with good people is crucial.

Another goal of mine is to further pursue my passion for content creation and marketing. Now that I have more experience from the professional side of online marketing, I have realized that it is something I hope I can continue to work with, after I graduate. Someone told me last year that when your personal life and your professional life merge, you have found you passion – and I think this is it.

I would love to hear from you – what would you want me to write about this year? What content would bring value to you? I have so much to share – would you be interested in reading about my college experience, how I pursue my dreams, or tips and tricks about social media? Please let me know – I am excited to make this year truly special.


I have decided to make 2019 the year of personal growth. I arrived in Santa Barbara 1.5 years ago, not knowing what the future held. Now I am in my fourth and last semester in this city, and I can’t tell you enough how much it has changed me.

b7fffba0def66573136339ba92c1eeea-e1548915024183.jpgLast year was a challenge in many ways. I was figuring out which path to take and what my opportunities were. When you live in a community with such diversity in goals and values, it is easy to lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish, which leads you to settle for less. I think a part of moving to another country is getting to know the local culture, and to be honest, for me it took a while. Finding your place and role can be hard when you are not even sure of what you are reaching for yourself. Luckily for me, I have found people along the way that have helped me establish a new mindset of growth and gratitude.

582825f4a02ffd25c76a44ea8fdd9b12.jpgThis year I will continue living a wholesome lifestyle, focusing on bettering myself and those around me. I hope to never lose sight of my goals, and consistently work towards what I want in the future. This year I will focus on my mental and physical health, to be the best version of myself that I can be. I will also try to serve the community as much as I can. If you ever feel like you need new insight, my best tip would be to do something outside of your usual daily routine. In todays society it’s too easy to feel like you are the center of the universe, but realizing that there is something bigger than yourself can be a breath of fresh air. Your personal problems seem insignificant, and you start valuing all the things you can bring to the table!

04194d90f5a681d99da546ac6ba4d569-e1548915296847.jpgFor instance, in 2018 I founded the Women’s Empowerment Club at SBCC, with a desire to make a difference on campus. I wanted to create a community for women who are striving to inspire and motivate others. A healthy environment is SO crucial for your mental health, and sometimes you have to get out there to find those who bring out the best in you. My goal is that we will serve the community together this year, while advocading for more openness around mental health! (If you are a Vaquero, and want to join us, click here)

☀ To a bright and positive 2019, no matter where you are in the world and who you aspire to be!

this semester

This semester has been the most hectic one, by far, ever since I moved here. I am finishing up my third semester at SBCC, which means it’s time to wrap up my college applications for Fall 2019. For you non-americans out there, this basically means that I am switching schools, from a 2-year community college, to a 4-year university. I am still deciding on where I want to transfer, but I have somewhat figured out where in California I want to live (A place much colder than Santa Barbara, wish me luck). In other words, my every day life has transformed tremendously since last semester. I am finishing up my required courses, working as an intern, and doing extra curricular, while at the same time trying to have a social life. In between my papers and essays I’ve been on several trips to San Francisco, attended a wedding in Lake Tahoe (which was sooo beautiful), and had my best friend from home visit me. Overall a hectic, but fun semester!

I have been wanting to write more about my school experiences here, after tons of dm’s and emails from you guys. I figured it would be nice to cover different aspects of being an international student in America, since it is such a desired career path. I will cover things like academics, social life, housing and finances. If there is anything you would like me to write about, shoot me a DM!

Los Angeles Favorites – Part I

In collaboration with STS Education – Study Abroad

I thought I would put some of my Los Angeles favorites in one place, so it’s easy to access if you need some tips on where to go! LA have so many places to discover that I could go on forever, so look out for a part II in the near future.

Favorite place to eat breakfast
Rise N Grind on Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue. The best avocado toasts and açaí bowls I have found in LA so far, and the coziest place to sit if you have to do some work. The whole feel of this place is super laidback and relaxing, and there’s a huge plus that they have outlets on every table! Makes it a perfect grinding spot, just as the name says. Check out their Instagram here.

Favorite place to hang out
Santa Monica Pier. Yes, it is super touristy, and may be a little crowded. But on a sunny day, you forget all about it because there’s so much to see and do. I recommend renting a bike in Venice for a couple of hours, and bike all the way to Santa Monica pier via the boardwalk (takes about 20 minutes). And do it around 5.30 if you want to get the best views. It’s truly magical. (Note, the rollercoaster is worth the wait)

Favorite place for coffee
Alfred Coffee Beverly Hills. If you’re all about the aesthetics, do yourself a favor and go to this heavenly coffee shop placed right by Rodeo Drive. I promise you that you will feel like your a part of 90210 for a second, and that’s not a bad thing. This place are filled with beautiful stores and things to look at. And their iced mocha is the best!

LV → Grand Canyon

Den siste dagen vår i Vegas tilbrakte vi ved bassenget på Caesars Palace. Det var 27 grader og strålende sol! Selv om man ikke bor på hotellet kan man betale seg inn i bassengområdet, noe jeg virkelig vil anbefale. For en fin plass. Vi ble alle gående å se oss rundt i lang tid før vi kunne begynne å sole oss. Det som er det diggeste med denne plassen er at det er det er hotell og kjøpesenter i ett. Så når sola begynte å gå ned og det var på tide å dra hjem, dro vi inn for å kjøpe oss is og se i butikkene. En perfekt kveld.


På torsdags morgen pakket vi tingene våres inn i bilen og starta den lengste strekningen hittil. Vi skulle ta en “svipptur” innom Grand Canyon, før vi starta turen vår til Los Angeles. Dette ble starten på en lang natt! Av en eller annen grunn hadde vi ikke regnet med at det kostet penger, eller at det kom til å ta lang tid. Så sto vi der, 100 dollar fattigere og 3 timer bak skjema, men, det var så verdt det! Vi ble mildt sagt satt ut av utsikten. Det så ikke ekte ut? Jeg hadde bestemt meg på forhånd for å holde meg laaangt unna kanten, men fant meg selv sittende med beina utenfor for å få tatt noen fine bilder. Security vakten hadde tydeligvis fulgt etter meg der jeg løp fra side til side, for å be meg slutte å dingle sånn over kanten, haha. Det gikk heldigvis helt fint! Vi dro derfra med både fullt minnekort og inntrykk for livet. Jeg gleder meg allerede til neste gang!

Kjøreturen fra Arizona til Nevada, til California tok til sammen over tolv timer. Det er ganske utrolig at man kan besøke tre stater på en dag, og se så mye forskjellig på veien. Vi fikk oppleve canyons, fjell, daler, elver, ville dyr langs veien, forlatte byer og utallige pitstops med påfyll av mat og drikke. Vi spiste x antall sundaes, løp rundt på tomme bensinstasjoner fordi vi hadde så vondt i bena av å sitte, hørt den samme spring break-spillelista igjen og igjen, så mye at det nesten føltes ut som at vi var tilbake i 2011. De tolv timene vi var på veien var en opplevelse i seg selv. Har herved erklært mitt elsk på roadtrips og heldigvis er det bare et par måneder til jeg skal legge ut på en enda større tur sammen TrekAmerica. Har på følelsen av at dette kommer til å bli tidenes sommer!

Forteller mer om LA i neste innlegg x


First stop: Vegas

Besøket mitt fra Norge har endelig ankommet, og på mandag var det fire spente jenter som vendte snuten mot Las Vegas for tidenes spring break! Vi leide en superfin bil, fylte den med mat, drikke og godteri, og starta den fem timers lange turen med gamle klassikere på radioen. Det er første gang de andre er i Vegas, og hele fem år siden sist jeg var her, så forventningene er skyhøye! Vi har fire dager på oss til å gjøre og se alt vi har lyst til før turen går videre til Arizona, og deretter tilbake til Los Angeles.

Til nå har vi shoppa en del (Blir gående i timesvis på hvert kjøpesenter), spist masse digg og vandret opp og ned The Strip. Det er så rart denne plassen kun er noen timer unna min egen lille by! Det er som to helt forskjellige verdener. Her kan man virkelig ta og føle på stemninga til alle døgnets tider. Anbefaler alle å ta turen innom alle de store hotellene bare for å se hvordan kasinoene er, uansett om man er over eller under 21. Det er en opplevelse i seg selv! Det var litt dårlig planlagt av meg å dra hit kun noen måneder før jeg fyller år, men det er allerede bestemt at turen går tilbake hit i november!

I dag er planen å finne et basseng, så vi kan sole oss og bade. Det er nemlig meldt hele 26 grader, noe vi skal utnytte til det fulle! Så får vi se hva kvelden bringer. Jeg vurderer sterkt å ta Sky Jumpen utenfor kanten av Stratosphere Tower , eller kanskje zipline over The Strip før jeg drar? Føler jeg må gjøre noe sånt når jeg først er her, haha. Og forresten.. GOD PÅSKE!

6 reasons why you should travel more

It took me 12 countries, a month in Southeast Asia and a move across the globe to realize how much of a value traveling is to me. I went from being terrified of planes, to enjoying it more than anything. Today, I am constantly on the look for new places to go, and can’t imagine staying in one place for too long. If you haven’t been bit of the travelbug yet, here is 6 reasons you should consider it:

Challenging yourself

If you live a life that bores you, that makes you feel stuck in a place you can’t imagine being in 10 years from now; go somewhere else! Traveling to a new place is the perfect opportunity to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone. It’s when you’re facing unexpected challenges you realize all the things you are capable of doing! Do more of what scare you, and see how your life changes in such a drastic way.

Creating new relationships

Whether you’re on your own or with a friend while on an adventure, you’ll always meet new people along the way that shapes you in one way or another. It is something special meeting new people from different places in the world, because there’s an endless list of things we can learn from each other. Bonding with the locals or meeting likeminded travelers will always be an important part of the experience. Reach out and talk to people! You will not only create extraordinary memories, but you will make friends from all over the world!

It gives you new perspective

One of things I value the most: it helps open your mind. You realize after experiencing another culture, that there isn’t a “right” way to live your life. You start expanding your horizon, and accept that not everybody looks at life the way you do, and that is totally fine. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, you start to embrace the differences in the world and you leave with a new and more accepting mindset.

A sense of accomplishment

If you’re in your bedroom right now with a dream to visit that one destination, but it seems so far away and unrealistic that you don’t dare to take the first step; turn that want into a can, and go for it. The feeling you will have after accomplishing the trip, after months (or even years) with saving and planning can’t be compared to anything else. Being able to say, “I did it”, when you thought you never would, is amazing.

The feeling of freedom

Nothing can compare to the feeling of entering a new place and being one hundred percent in charge of your time. It is easy to feel trapped if your life is based of routines (which most of our lives are), without the freedom to leave whenever you want. Breaking that chain, even if it’s only for a week, feels so rewarding, you’ll have motivation for months!

Appreciating your life

In our everyday-life it is easy to lose sight on what we have, because most of us only focus on what we want. After being away for awhile, you realize that what you have is actually pretty good, and instead of always wishing you had more, you appreciate the gifts you are given in life. The opportunity to travel, to mention one of them!

Søknadsprosessen med STS

I samarbeid med STS Education – Study Abroad

Jeg visste at jeg ville studere i USA, nærmere bestemt California, allerede på barneskolen. Dermed var valget enkelt når jeg fant ut at STS hadde en avtale med Santa Barbara City College. Ikke bare er plassen i seg selv fantastisk, men skolen er rangert som en av de beste community collegene i hele USA! Jeg hadde på følelsen av at dette var en bra match, og jeg hadde veldig rett.

Første steg i søknadsprosessen er å klikke deg inn på nettsiden til STS (Klikk her). Der kan du velge hva du vil studere, hvor lenge og på hvilken plass. Da kommer de med forskjellige forslag som passer for deg, og du må rett og slett finne ut hvilken plass du synes er mest spennende. Søk litt rundt, finn andre folk som har studert på de plassene du tenker og dra, og snakk med de! Det er mitt beste tips. Jeg har ikke telling på hvor mange jeg sendte melding til før jeg dro hit. Jeg spurte om alt mellom himmel og jord, alt fra hvordan lærerne var til hva det kostet for mat her. Det er veldig mange studenter som er aktive på Instagram, du finner de under hashtaggen #stsjourney og på STS sin bruker @stsnorge eller @stsworldwide.

Når du har funnet den plassen som passer deg, trykker du “Søk nå” eller sender inn et interesse-skjema. Det er super enkelt, og STS vil ta kontakt med deg for videre informasjon. Etter en liten stund vil du få en pakke i posten fra STS hvor det er papirer som må fylles ut, blant annet et skjema for å sette deg opp med en romkamerat! Der skriver du inn dine interesser og hva du liker å gjøre på fritiden, så STS kan matche deg med en person som de tror du kommer til å passe med. Roomien din er ofte norsk, svensk eller dansk, og om dere er flere som reiser sammen, kan dere ønske dere inn på samme rom.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Når STS har mottatt papirene dine, sender de det inn til skolen du har søkt på, og du venter endelig i spenning på om du får skoleplass! Jeg husker enda den dagen jeg fikk brevet i posten, selv om jeg visste at jeg kom inn, så føltes det endelig ekte! Når man har fått brevet, kan man søke om støtte til lånekassa og søke om visum på den amerikanske ambassaden. Med en gang du har blitt akseptert setter STS deg i kontakt med de som skal reise sammen med deg via en Facebook-gruppe, så man har god tid til å snakke og bli kjent med de andre.

Gjennom hele søknadsprosessen har STS vært utrolig hjelpsomme, og sørget for at det har gått uten noen problemer. Om du også har en liten drøm om å studere i utlandet anbefaler jeg virkelig å ta en titt på hva de har å tilby, mulighetene er uendelige!

Klikk HER for å starte din reise!